The Powder Pump


Based on its long experience of supplying process equipment (reactors, dryers, filters, etc..), De Dietrich® now offers a simple and reliable solution for Powder Transfer.

The POWDER PUMP safely and efficiently moves powder from one piece of equipment to another using a process known as dense phase flow.

Its design, construction and simple operation enables the De Dietrich® Powder Pump to fit easily into your environment.

It can supply powder to your pressurised reactors, dryers and filter/dryers or to any other equipment requiring a contained supply of powder.

It is a multipurpose solution for transferring powder with a range of flow characteristics and particle sizes.

powder pump

powder pump



The POWDER PUMP utilises dense phase flow, an operating principle that has been proven on a wide range of solid types, including wet solids.
The technology makes the Powder Pump an ideal solution for controlled material addition. Suitable for the transfer of raw, intermediate of finished products, it is a versatile work horse for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other industries with various solid handling needs.



  • No dust formation
  • Powder transfer is possible into an inert reactor while maintaining its inert nature
  • Powder transfer is possible into pressurised or vacuum reactors

  • Operator no longer exposed to a reactive environment
  • Operator exposure to the powder is strongly reduced
  • No introduction of oxygen into the enclosure being loaded
  • Creation of electrostatic charges is strongly reduced

  • Strongly reduced attrition and creation of fines
  • No-demixing

  • Loading is possible over long distances and at higher levels
  • Trials have been performed on a large range of powders (from carbon black to damp powders)
  • Smaller footprint
  • Simple and accessible maintenance
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) solutions
  • Mobility solutions


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